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Secure Client Logins

Cory HankemeierCory Hankemeier Automation AnalystTeam Automic Posts: 76 Journeyman ✭✭✭
Recently a customer was interested in knowing if their login is encrypted when connecting to Applications Manager.
By default, the communication between the client and RmiServer is encrypted.
To ensure SSL is enabled, take a look at your $AW_HOME/web/classes/ file and check if SSL=On

Taking a look at an RmiServer*.log, we can see my client connecting to the RmiServer over port the Client port 6029 with SSL enabled:
15:09:15.126 CR:accept: .AxRmiServer$2: accept connection 5f2e77da[SSL_NULL_WITH_NULL_NULL: Socket[addr=/,port=6029,localport=6414]]

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