What are some good Use Cases and/or examples for utilizing ARCHIVE_KEY1 and ARCHIVE_KEY2?


  • Wolfgang BruecklerWolfgang Brueckler Developer LV3 EXAutomicPosts: 1,481 Innovator ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    The basic usage for both fields is Information that should be visible if one checks the statistics window.

    We use it often in jobs started from FE-Workflows.
    Unfortunately I am not allowed to show you such usage in my companies system, but I have another example for you.

    I use it in FE Workflows where just one Element gets executed with several parameters - e.g. in Automic REORG process - Reorg must be done for every client so its useful putting the Client Number to the Archive Key Field. Its much easier if you later want to check the execution of REORG of client 1234 if you have an indicator which statistic enty it would be instead of opening every Report and searching for client 1234....

    Wolfgang Brückler
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  • Vidya Praveen BatchuVidya Praveen Batchu Posts: 45 Journeyman ✭✭✭
    Update information about Critical jobs in your system (ex., insert CRITICAL in one of Archive fields). Monitoring team can easily recognize critical jobs in the system.
  • Rodney DeanRodney Dean Team Automic Posts: 7 Explorer ✭✭
    I had a customer that owned two companies and they wanted to use the same client so they put company one name in the Archive key 1 and then put a filter on the Activities window / Process Monitor and that only displayed the task for the one company. 
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