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Banner solution, help with the setup.

Hi everyone, This is my first time asking a question. Hope it goes well.

We are in the transition of migration our 3 AIX instances of V9.1.1 to Linux. This includes creating everything from scratch, the master, remote agents, everything. Part of my work is to install the Banner solution on on the the new Linux. Back in 2011 one of the top people from Global Services came to help us and I am using a document they gave us.  Ray Dooley who I see alot of posted was the person who came in to help us. Thank you Ray, hope you see this post.

I have installed my new Banner remote agent for job submission. After I did this I tared up the bannner/<Instance> files from my AIX systems and untared them under the banner directory where the remote agent is and the Banner code runs.

I then copied the what's called GSO files over to the Linux master and installed those under the different directories. I think it as 10 files. I also since I have the original package copied the BANNER_INTEGRATION import files to the import directory on the master.

When I had a good back taken of the DB and file system I performed the jar load. This seems to have then allowed my to create the new jdbc and program connect user types.

I then created my agents, pointed to those new env files location. And started the agents. What I think happened was it updated the contents of those <Instance directories. I copied them to a backup before.

I think looking at the Global Services doc. I was supposed to perform a import file/map file load of this BANNER_INTEGRATION file. I did not run this and we had issue. One of the people I worked with said she exported this from the DB and created an export file.  She did this because we could not find the original file but later I did.

One of my first questions is not knowing what she did, can I perform a update of this BANNER_INTEGRATION file (import) and would it harm anything???? 

One of the things I also noticed in there is this web/axis2 directory and while testing we were getting errors about missing axis2 jar files. I noticed on my AIX instances that someone had copied the contents of web/axis2 to web/classes. I also noticed in the
<instance>capture/jobcapture.shl file there is this huge CLASSPATH that points to these axis2 files being in the classes directory.  This confused me.  I think of this as a maintenance issue because down the road what is the axis2 directory gets updated, then u need to recopy?

I am trying to work my way through this but alot of road blocks.

Thank you everyone for the help if you can.

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