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Automation Engine or agents go to CPU WAIT

Douglas HammonDouglas Hammon Team Automic Posts: 142 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
While the resolution for this situation usually revolves around determining what process is maxing the CPU you can work around it by setting the CPU Limit field on the agent from 80 to 99. This will cause the jobs to ignore the high cpu usage and run anyways.


  • Dave BuellDave Buell Posts: 26 Explorer ✭✭
    Where is the "CPU Limit Field" set at?
  • Phearith MaoPhearith Mao Team Automic Posts: 82 Journeyman ✭✭✭
    The CPU Limit Field is set in the Agents' definition within the General Tab which can be found by selecting from the Java Web Client > Object Admin > Administration > Agents > Edit. Below is a screenshot of the General Tab where the CPU Limit can be set.

  • Dave BuellDave Buell Posts: 26 Explorer ✭✭
    Thank you...I could have swore I looked there and didn't see it :-) I appreciate the follow up.
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