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Java memory increase on remote servers?

Hoffman AngelaHoffman Angela ProgrammerPosts: 12 Explorer ✭✭
Hi, How can I increase the java memory on the remote AM servers? I increased it on the Master server, but the remote servers are now using up too much java memory. Thank you.


  • Douglas HammonDouglas Hammon Team Automic Posts: 142 Specialist ✭✭✭✭

    This should basically be the same as the master. Add the memory line to the agent's $AW_HOME/site/sosite file, shut down the agent, run the sosite file to re-load the environment(and load the new setting),restart the agent.

  • Hoffman AngelaHoffman Angela Programmer Posts: 12 Explorer ✭✭
    I added this AX_JAVA_OPTIONS=2048m;export AX_JAVA_OPTIONS to the sosite file almost a month ago and restarted the master agent, but the remote agents are still using up a lot of memory. It was just at 1004MB and after I restarted it, it went down to 312MB. Our other one has been consistently at 400MB for a month.

  • Douglas HammonDouglas Hammon Team Automic Posts: 142 Specialist ✭✭✭✭

    you can add the:


    line to the remote agents also and re-invoke the sosite then restart. This should allow you more head room on available memory.

    Beyond that we would need to look at what is using all the memory on the server. As a general rule we recommend 2048m as a standard setting so if you have issues after upping to that on the agents I would open a ticket with support regarding.

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