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Applications Manager error 8.17: AwE-9999; Internal error java.lang.NullPointerException

We are still running Applications Manager 8.17 on AIX and Oracle 11g and frequently get the error shown below in the RmiServer log.  Everything seems to be running OK, but I would like to get rid of this error.  We are upgrading to AM 9.2 next month, so this a great opportunity to finally fix this pesky error.

Here is the error:

ErrorMsg: AwE-9999 Internal error (1/9/18 4:01 AM)
Details: null

Any ideas?



  • Douglas HammonDouglas Hammon Team Automic Posts: 135 Journeyman ✭✭✭

    This error looks to be detailed in the following Knowledge Article:

    While the message may show up in logs it does not affect processing and should not cause issue.

  • Andy MobleyAndy Mobley Posts: 3 Rookie
    Thank you Doug.  This Knowledge Article is perfect. It is good to know that we do not need to take any action.

    (In the future, I will check the Knowledge Articles before posting on the Community.)
  • Dash McElroyDash McElroy Posts: 2 Rookie
    Errors one can/should ignore dilute the effectiveness of true errors. I remember before these nuisance errors popped up - it was much easier to find actual errors.
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