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out of box reports

Doug ArnoldDoug Arnold Team Automic Posts: 132 Journeyman ✭✭✭
After the previous ticket with the missing account in out test instance. 

We would like to start doing regular reviews of the permissions of the user accounts we have . 
so we can see who has the permission to do what on out uc4 servers. 
to make sure no user has been some how given more permission than they should have. 
to hopefully prevent any more accidents. 

also would like a regular report on the accounts if they still exist in our active directory. 
So we can clean up old accounts after folks have left out company. 

We were thinking you might have some out of the box reports already available on the uc4 that we do not know about. 

The only report that will give you information on changes to users is the UC4_AUDIT_USERS report. It won't tell you anything about Active directory users because they aren't tracked by Applications Manager. 
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