Changing permissions with RA FTP

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When sending a file via RA FTP, it will not keep the same permissions when sent from one system to the other. Although you cannot transfer these permissions, you can set them at the receiving end using chmod and free form commands. You will have to use SFTP though. Guide/help_en.htm#RA/FTP/AWI/Free_Form.htm?TocPath=Working%20with%20RA%20FTP%20Agent%20Jobs|Creating%20RA%20FTP%20Agent%20Jobs|_____9

Once you have the RA FTP Job set up, you can go to FTP | Commands | Free Form Command and type the command.

Using folders is different since using SFTP, it might not allow chmod -R 2770. In that case, you can use the folder in this fashion:

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