[Solved] Command mode in Unijob?


I had a presentation of Unijob by Orsyp pre-sales.

The package seems quite interesting in terms of ROI (especially these days!) and IT operations control.

But I forgot to ask them one question; so here it is:

is a command mode available for Unijob as it is for $U?



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    Hi Andi,

    a command mode is on its way for Unijob! :)

    It is announced for the V1.1. You'll have commands to monitor your local operations and to create jobs (as easily as you do with cron).

    Hope this helps,

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    Additional information:

    It will be possible in V1.1 (planned for the end of 2008) to list jobs, and take actions on the operations (recover a failed job, hold a job, etc.). As to job creation, this will be possible in a single command and customers who have scripted cron job creation have just very few updates to make.

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    Hi there,

    as V1.1 of Unijob is being released, here are some information on the command mode it includes:

    unilst RUN ... Lists all job runs
    uniend RUN ... Stops a job in Pending or Running status, killing the process. The job ends in aborted status with a specific mention.
    unihld JOB ... Disables the schedule of a job and removes its next execution.
    unirls JOB ... Enables the schedule of a job and posts the next execution

    These actions are possible for local jobs only.

    These is also a command to create a job or create a run of a job on demand:

    uniadd JOB: Creates a Job using Cron syntax for the scheduling.
    uniadd RUN: Creates a Run on demand (from a Job).

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