[Solved] Does uxrazfic exist for AS400?


does uxrazfic exist for AS400?



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    Hi Eve,

    UXRAZFIC exists on AS400. But you should - as for other OSs - be very cautious with it and avoid using it without Dollar Access agreement. Also note that the same rules apply for the reinit of certain files (initialization of groups of files which work together).

    Here is how to use it on AS400:

    1- Stop Dollar Universe (uxshutdown + F4)

    2- Execute the following command:

    CALL PGM(UXRAZFIC) PARM('filename' 'AREA')

    Warning: filename (lowercase) and AREA (uppercase) are case sensitive.

    3- Restart Dollar Universe (uxstartup + F4)


    CALL PGM(UXRAZFIC) PARM('u_fmhs50' 'X')
    CALL PGM(UXRAZFIC) PARM('u_fmph50' 'X')

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    Thanks for your help Michel!
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