[Solved] DU Admin duty

MohammedMohammed Saudi ArabiaGuest Posts: 136
Hi All,

I need to know what are the Dollar Universe administrator tasks, what is his responsibility?



  • RaphaelRaphael ParisPosts: 16

    I would say that his tasks are mainly :

    • Install/upgrade/patch dollar universe
    • Define dollar universe IP port range and handle internode configuration
    • Create/Update administration tables (users, profiles, MU, nodes)
    • Configure windows services or Unix configurations
    • Define/enforce Dollar Universe profiles or security
  • menmen EuropePosts: 3,942 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2008
    I would add to this list:

    - participate to the definition & check the correct housekeeping of Dollar Universe: Purges, reorganizations
    - participate to the definition & check the correct backup of Dollar Universe

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