[Solved] Dollar Universe & UniJob : explain the difference

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Hi ,

Can someone explain to me in detail what is the different between Dollar Universe and UniJob.



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    Unijob functionalities are more basic than Dollar Universe functionalities as Unijob allows to schedule jobs but not to sequence them (see the tutorial which explains the difference at http://www.orsypforum.com/index.php?showtopic=338).

    The target of these 2 products is not the same, but they complement each other: $U can be installed on the "main" production boxes (there can be hundreds or even thousands of them), and Unijob on the other servers. The console which goes with Unijob, called Univiewer allows to display the jobs from Unijob and from $U as well :)

    Hope this short explanation helps. If you have specific questions, go ahead!

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    I understood that the UniJob allow you to schedule only a standalone job and it's mostly to be used for development purpose.

    Is the UniJob available for all OS platform, i am thinking in replacing the default windows task scheduler.

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    you are right, UniJob allows to schedule standalone jobs - like cron or Winat. There are no groups of jobs in Unijob like the Sessions in Dollar Universe.

    But I disagree about the development purpose. Of course it can be used for such purpose and environments, but I've discussed with a customer who started implementing Unijob for their production. It is a bank, they use Dollar Universe on their main windows and Unix servers, and they have implemented Unijob on smaller Unix servers in order to get back the control on all batches that run on these servers (the cron jobs). This means:

    - know which jobs are running
    - monitor them easily and know when they fail

    Eric JT
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    about the status of Unijob on Windows:

    UniJob is available on Windows. All features for Unix are available for Windows except Cron conversion (naturally, as Cron is only for Unix!) and conversion for Windows Task Scheduler. This feature is being developed and is to be implemented in the upcoming release of UniJob, v1.2.

    The current release v1.1 delivers a scheduling solution for technical and housekeeping jobs and allows to optimize TCO for basic automation needs (no need for training for instance).

    The current features include: Definition of schedules for jobs (more advanced than Cron or WinAt but with no sequencing), consolidation in custom views of jobs running on groups of servers, standardization of jobs (best job reusability) with deployment features, patching from the console enabling zero intervention on the deployed UniJob once first installation is made …

    Should you need more information, please contact your ORSYP sales rep.

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    Thank you for the information.

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