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Monitored Object does not register

Check Collector log file and look for "AutoDeclare - WARNING: could not register Monitored Object"
Check Management Server parameters in Collector configuration file, section "MS_SERVERS_DEF"

A Monitored Object appears as "n/d" in a view

Immediately after becoming a member of a MO Group, the MO appears in the Views containing the MO Group.
Go to the MO list and press "F5" to refresh the list.

MO does not appear right away in the Monitored Object list

MO list refresh not dynamic when a MO is added in Management Server.
Press F5.
Note: The MO is added to the MO Groups right away; hence views may contain the new MOs with "n/a" until MO list is refreshed.

When editing an Enterprise Model, some Monitored Objects do not appears in the field "To update"

This can be expected.
MOs that are part of configuration automation do not appear in the "To update" field. The Agent will download the configuration.
Only the MOs that are not part of configuration automation are listed and need manual update (e.g. Agent versions < 5.80)

Error obtained when forcing EM preparation

Expected on Agents in versions < 5.60



#    type    name        instance    moname        status    message
1    NT      vmstminf04              vmstminf04    0         Error while receiving reply header

API indicates MO configuration should be deployed although the MO config is up to date

The Management Server API queries "cfgsvrforceemdistribution" and "cfgsvremgetdeployreport" may indicate MO configuration is not up to date.
Check the Agent is in version 5.80 and that configuration automation is activated.
The API ignores the fact automation is activated or not, hence MOs show as not up to date.

The MO is listed in the field "To update", it means the Agent does not use configuration automation.

The configuration for the MO appears in the result of the query "cfgsvrforceemdistribution".


Sample Sysload Modules Entities

Application KDB

Dynamic command line setup for the Agent for Windows

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