Automic World 2015 - Are the Automic roadmap slides posted?

Eric FelkerEric Felker Software EngineerPhiladelphia, PAPosts: 133 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
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Hi all--

I'm looking for the roadmap slides that were presented at Automic World this year. I checked on the slideshare site, but didn't see that particular deck. Did I overlook it?


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  • Eric FelkerEric Felker Software Engineer Philadelphia, PAPosts: 133 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
    Unfortnately we do not publically share the roadmap slides. 
    Ah that's too bad. I didn't take robust notes as I figured all of the presented materials would be made available afterwards. I have reached out to my AM. Thanks for the response Kerry.
  • Howard HigginsHoward Higgins Posts: 28 Explorer ✭✭
    Hi Kerry,

    Where can I find information on this?

    "Please note that our Product Team is creating a roadmap to support Java 1.8 for Automic 9.00A and 10, and will present their findings here in mid-March.  Keep an eye on this posting to see any updates coming through."


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