Export / Import uprocs/rules/sesssios/tasks from DU v5.6 to DU 6.6

Ofelia Arias GallegosOfelia Arias Gallegos Team Automic Posts: 57 Journeyman ✭✭✭
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I've tried to export objects (uprocs/rules etc) from an environment with DU v5.6 to an environment with DU v6.6 and I've noticed the format is different and the import is failing. Is there a method to do this? Any type of conversion between the two formats?

You can create packages from your node 5.6 and then deploy them into your node 6.x otherwise your extracted files won`t work since the database structure has changed between both versions.

To know more about how to create packages you can check the section related to Packaged in the UVC Console GUI Guide for UVC version 6.6 or the DUAS UVC manual from older versions. 


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