Missing key for accessing variable .

Dear Team,
U00003712 Missing key for accessing variable 'VARA.TEST'. ple help us

Thanks & Regards


  • Daniel HausdorfDaniel Hausdorf Team Automic Posts: 83 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Muneendra T

    Many thanks for your request.
    That error means a key is not provided to access the VARA object meaning that you are referencing to a Keyword that does not exist.

    To verify this we would need an xml export of the job where the VARA Object is being used.
    Feel free to open a ticket with us (support.automic.com)

    Best Regards
    Daniel Hausdorf

  • Duong Nguyen-NhatDuong Nguyen-Nhat Team Automic Posts: 156 Specialist ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Muneendra T,

    Which kind action cause this issue ? Could you please send over the screenshots/ full job report as well ?
  • Muneendra TMuneendra T Posts: 25 Rookie
    Hi Duong Nguyen-Nhat, 
        Thanks for response ,
           When i was used  the scope of VARA.TEST is "freely selected"   then  I got  the Error like U00003712 Missing key for accessing variable 'VARA.TEST'  , Once  I was changed the scope of the object then its working good ,   could you please advise why I am getting error when scope is freely selected

    Thanks& regards

  • Peter GrundlerPeter Grundler Team Automic Posts: 196 Specialist ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Mueendra,

    I suppose that you want to retrieve a single entry/line from the VARA object unsing either the script function GET_VAR or curly brackets.

    Well, the script function - as you might have seen in the documentation - needs to be configured with a key when you want to access a static Vara object. However the key is not required if the vara object is defined to "no scope".

    Let me compare the VARA object with an indexed database table: how do you retrieve a single row? You have to identify it by e.g. using the row id - which is very similar to our key. Nevertheless it's possible to scan the entire VARA object: PREP_PROCESS_VAR is the way to do so.



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