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Noah GochuicoNoah Gochuico Posts: 95 Explorer ✭✭
HI All

There is a procedure on installing RA agents for UC4 and it`s needed to run a script on ORACLE RETAIL database  configured to the agent.
The script is named by aw_retail_recovery.sql, do you know where can I find this script?



  • Luu LeLuu Le Community Manager Bellevue, WAPosts: 577 admin
    Hi Noah,

    I have attached a file call "Retail_recovery_proc.sql" which is the file you are looking for. This is the same as the file (aw_retail_recovery.sql) mention in the RA Oracle Retail ver 2.0

    I have a internal ticket opened in which A.) the documentation will be change to reflect the correct naming convention (Retail_recovery_proc.sql) and B.) to included this within the the latest version 2 download media of the RA Oracle Retail.

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