Upgrading the Agent for Network Device to version 6.00

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The procedure below helps for upgrading the Agent for Network Devices from 5.60 to 6.00.

Version 6.00 brings the support for SNMP V3 and Sysload automatic agent configuration features. It is recommended to activate automatic agent configuration.

You can run the setup in mode "interactive", in this case the steps go through each Monitored Object that is currently configured in the Agent.

You can also run the setup in mode "silent". In this case you do not go through the list of Monitored Objects but you need to prepare in advance the parameters for activating automatic agent configuration. You do this preparation in arguments to the setup command. The example below presents an example using this method.


  • Have a product activation on Token Server that is valid for version 6.xx
  • Have a Management Server v5.80 minimum with automatic configuration activated

Example in mode "silent"

Example on Windows with:
  • The setup files located in the directory "C:\Program Files\sysload_setup\setup_ag_netdev_source"
  • Storing the setup log file in the directory "C:\Program Files\sysload_setup\setup_log" 
  • And activating automatic agent configuration
"C:\Program Files\sysload_setup\setup_ag_netdev_source\setup.exe" -task "upgrade" -stplogdir "C:\Program Files\sysload_setup\setup_log" -mode "silent" -mshost "vmstm2k881.orsyptst.com" -msportagt "9901" -fsport "9502" -enableautomation "y" -agenthost "vmstm2k126.orsyptst.com" -mogroups "system.sldnetdev" -startatend "1"

When using this example, adapt the arguments according to your environment. See the Sysload General setup manual for full details on the setup.
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