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Could you let me know if there is a presentation or other document, shortly describing the main differences between these both versions of Dollar Universe? We will probably upgrade from version 5.6 to 6.7 and I would like to be familiar with new features and changes in new version.
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    @Karina Pawlowska

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    There's no official document that describes the difference between DUAS v5 and v6. I would strongly suggest to contact our Professional Service team as they have some documentation regarding the differences between these 2 versions.

  • Domenico CotugnoDomenico Cotugno Regional Customer Service Manager MontrealAutomic Moderator, Team Automic Posts: 18 mod
    Hello @Karina Pawlowska!

    @Bobby Tamayo is correct in that there is no single document that includes all changes from Dollar Universe v5 to v6. Also, our Professional Services teams have some presentations that will explain what changes in your operations v6.x will bring as compared to v5.x.

    However, I can also recommend reviewing the Dollar Universe Upgrade Guide to see some of the differences between v5.x and v6.x. These include directory structure differences, as well as some binaries which have changed names (don't worry, the old binaries will continue to work for the sake of backwards compatibility in your scripts, but they will often point to the new binary).
    (You will need to be logged into prior to clicking the link for it to work)

    Also, you can view the release notes for each version of Dollar Universe 6.x to see what changes have been made between versions. You can find these available via the "Downloads" section of our Customer Portal ( Each minor release (ex: 6.1.x to 6.2.x) brings with it some new features, whereas the maintenance releases (6.2.21 or 6.2.41, for example) only contain bug fixes.

    Finally, the release notes for version 6.0 have the key differences between v5 and v6. However, these are no longer available on our customer portal, as they are close to 5 years old. I've attached them to this post, for your perusal. 

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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    Functionally version 6.7 is superior to version 5.  Differences you will see are

    • No separate patching required as version includes any patches
    • All features are included with the install for example no need to install the FTP module as a separate bit of software
    • Hugh improvement in security, a lot easier and very granular
    • Only 1 interface Univiewer with better graphics
    • Need to use a UVMS to control nodes but better communication internode and simple too, no need to fiddle about with server files as on version 5
    • New features available on version6 not available on version 5 such as web and SQL calls direct from $U
    • In version 6.7 there are also a lot more Uproc types and the CL type now includes powershell amongst others so you can write powershell directly into a Uproc
    • Upgrade process is centralised via UVMS
    • Names for Uprocs and Sessions now 64 characters including spaces so names can be more meaniful
    • Much more stable platform and also available as 64 bit
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