JWP can't connect to the database

Karin WasingerKarin Wasinger Team Automic Posts: 25 Journeyman ✭✭✭

This might be related to either a wrong jdbc driver, the wrong language of the jdbc driver or a faulty connection string in the UCSRV.ini.

- wrong jdbc driver: Best practice is to copy the driver from the database itself. If this is not possible please be aware when you download one from the Database distributer because a newer version might have already been released then is required. For example Microsoft released lately the jdbc6 driver however we need the jdbc4 driver for the connection of the JWP to the database.

- wrong language of the jdbc driver: When you download the driver from the database distributors download site please be careful in which language you download the driver. It needs to be in the same language as the database is installed. For example: If the database was installed in English you must use the English version of the jdbc driver. A german jdbc driver will in this case give an error and the JWP won't start.

- Please always recheck in the logfiles of you database on which port the database listens to so that the correct port can be entered in the connection string of the UCSRV.ini.


  • Patrick TillerPatrick Tiller Posts: 27 Journeyman ✭✭✭
    I am getting the error that it can't connect on port 1433, but I have this in my UCSRV.ini file:

  • Karin WasingerKarin Wasinger Team Automic Posts: 25 Journeyman ✭✭✭
    If the port 1450 is the correct one (please check the Logfile of the SQL-Server) then 

    it is not 


    But should be like this:

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