List of All tasks along with Status in a Workflow

Hi All

I am looking for a way to find the list of all tasks (I have Jobs and Jobp in a workflow) and their statuses so that I can send a consolidated mail with the list of status of what is successful and what all failed

I am not able to come-up with a logic of how to do that. I have around 30-40 parallel jobs. Few of them complete successfully and few of them err out. I would like to have a job at the end which can collect all the statuses of all the jobs

The way I am doing right now is creating two arrays. One to hold the Job Name, Other to hold the Job Status. Use a static index for each job in that workflow and at the end loop through and publish the statuses in an e-mail
This is very static and when I create / delete a new job, I would have to reassign the indexes again

Is there a way that I can get the list of all tasks in a parent workflow along with statuses using scripting / from backed


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    I've been messing with SQL a bit more and this was good practice:
    select distinct JPP_OBJECT,EH_RDate,EH_AH_Idnr,EH_STATUS from OH H, JPP J, JPPA P, EH E
    where H.oh_client=&$CLIENT#
    and H.oh_name='&JOBPLAN#'
    and H.oh_deleteflag=0
    and J.JPP_OTYPE NOT in ('<FE>', '<END>', '<START>')
    and E.EH_RDate > TO_DATE('2017-FEB-21', 'YYYY-MON-DD') 
    order by E.EH_RDate desc
    You could set your date range as a variable as well, I included the value there as a formatting example.  Using a result such as {1},{2},{3},{4} you could read this into a script using :PREP_PROCESS_VAR for a Job and manipulate the data from there.
  • amarnathkothapalliamarnathkothapalli Posts: 24 Explorer ✭✭
    Thanks for quick reply. I will check this out and post my result on how it went
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