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I am very new to Automic, Is it possible to restart the workflow from failure point?i.e I have 10 jobs with in workflow, 6th job failed, when i restart the entire workflow is it possible to ignore the first 5 and run the 6th job onwards in AutomicVersion 11.2?
I searched the forum but dint get clear answer. 

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  • Wolfgang BruecklerWolfgang Brueckler Developer LV3 EXAutomicPosts: 1,664 Innovator ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Basically yes but in practice you would perform a rerun of the failed job (out of Workflow Monitor or statistics-window - restart).

    If you really want to restart the whole Workflow you can deactivate teh first 5 Jobs by unchecking the active checkbox in task properties/earliest.

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    Wolfgang Brückler
    Developer Lv. 3
    AE 11.2/ORA11G/Linux
  • Vidya Praveen BatchuVidya Praveen Batchu Posts: 45 Journeyman ✭✭✭
    Hello Koti,
    My suggestions are 
    1. Enable work flow with a block dependency so that when job fails it will block and you can restart from block step so flow will continue successors (less manual efforts in restarting each successor). But please be careful when flow blocked then it will not continue successors in parent flow also
    2. Use execute once with manual release option to start the flow, set break point at the step from where you want to run and skip the predecessors. Now release the flow and give Go immediately at the break point and flow will be continue.

  • Pete WirfsPete Wirfs Software Engineer Salem OregonPosts: 1,167 Innovator ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    As @Wolfgang Brueckler suggested, the best practice is to just restart the failed job.  If it completes successfully, the workflow will continue.

    When we have a need to run a recovery outside of the failed workflow, we frown upon manipulating that workflow for fear that it might not get restored after the recovery is completed.  Instead we will make a clone of the workflow for the recovery process.
    AE 11.2.1/Windows2012R2/SQLServer12.0
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