Is there anyway to take backup of workflows

Dear team,

Is there anyway, where we can take backup of workflows.. so if any unwanted changes happen to workflow (something get messed up) we can easily restore entire workflow from backup file



  • Harshal VaidyaHarshal Vaidya Posts: 34 Explorer ✭✭
    I can see there is an option of Download (Export to CSV) where we can generate CSV of our workflows. But, I can't any option to restore the same CSV !!

    Please help

  • Harald HeidingerHarald Heidinger Automation Specialist, Knowledge Broker Automic Moderator, Team Automic Posts: 225 mod
    edited December 2016

    There are several ways to backup your workflow

    .) Version Management: If it is switched on, every time a change takes place within an object, a version object with the further state of the object is generated in Version Management

    .) .xml Export in that case you should export all objects which are used within the workflow (including VARA, INC, PRPT...) this is recommended if you want to use this task also in another system (e.g. migrate it from a DEV to a PROD system)

    .) transport case, in fact the same as the .xml export within this scenario.

    all of these possibilities can be found described in documentation by searching for the terms "Version Management" , "Export of Objects" and "Transport Case"

    The export to .csv does not export any object at all, it only will export the settings of the object for e.g. revision or presenting its settings. It is not possible to load the .csv back.
  • Martin PolakMartin Polak Team Automic Posts: 43 Specialist ✭✭✭✭

    there is also another way of exporting the workflow (actually 2 of them) that you can use:

    1) Using the "export" feature of the ARA WebService or, likewise, the export function of ImportExportCLI.exe, for the WorkflowDefinition
    2) Using the "deepexport" feature of the ARA WebService or, likewise, the deepexport function of ImportExportCLI.exe for the respective Application

    These can then be re-imported by import or deepimport.

    Documentation for version 11.2 can be found in the integration guide,


    PS.: Personal experience shows that the export/import-version is the more stable one.
  • Sudesh DahiyaSudesh Dahiya Team Automic Posts: 10 Explorer ✭✭
    Definitely agree with Martin. I have used ImportExportCLI and Deepimport and Deepexport.
  • Henrik WestrellHenrik Westrell Team Automic Posts: 4 Rookie
    Deepexport does not export custom types definitions,right ? 
    Anyone can tell me the way to export those using ImportExportCL export ?
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